Entropia V16

So if you haven’t watched my Entropia Release Version 16 video yet, please go watch it now. The interface has been significantly modernized, and I’m impressed by the amount of work that MindArk has put into the modernization of their interface. For a game that’s 15+ years old, Entropia continues to evolve and keep up with the needs of modern players, perhaps even better than industry monoliths like WOW and EQ.

I’d urge players to keep in mind that the game is designed, implemented, tested, and deployed by humans; no body is perfect, and as a demographic gamers tend to be a lot harder on those that produce the things we love than those in other industries. The game is going to continue evolving, and it will continue to get better. Sometimes we won’t like changes, but perhaps overall a change some of us don’t like is for the best overall, or was done to be compatible with a new operating system or engine version or update. Remember that MA uses Cry Engine, and that’s not a static program either.

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