Being the Little Fish

So this is the end of February and it marks the end of my eighth month as a YouTuber. It has been an interesting ride, trying to keep up with my own schedule, what I’m trying to accomplish, and my normal schedule as a Father, an engaged boyfriend, an SCA member, a Mason, and a member of the Vermont State Guard, along with working a normal 40 hour a week job. As of this morning, I have 58 subscribers on YouTube, 7 of which are close friends or family; and I consider this a success.

Unsurprisingly, my greatest success has been around my Entropia Universe content; after all this has the largest under-served market. I’m up against some pretty big fish in that particular pond; and that’s how I like it. After all, you don’t get better by competing with people that you are better than. Much like the SCA fencing community, that competition is much friendlier than you might see in normal business; we sometimes collaborate on a video or live stream, we all watch each others videos. Needless to say, when some of my favorite YouTubers started watching my vids it made me squee a little bit.

Lately I’ve been watching a lot of motivational videos, trying to keep myself going in a time of personal strife, and it’s mostly working. I even tried making one of my own for last Saturday’s Vlog, which received some love from my subscribers, so I want to say thank you. As the little fish in this big YouTube pond, both as an EU content creator and a content creator for other games (currently still working on the two, I had no idea that “We Happy Few” would be this long!), I’m looking forward to seeing where I can swim to; and I will continue to strive to provide better content than I have in the past. After all, we’re either getting better, or we’re stagnating. I never accept stagnation.

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