Now Clean Your Other Room

Now that you’ve read my methodology for cleaning your house, so you can wake up in an uncluttered space, let’s talk about the other room that you’ve let become a mess: that’s right, your brain-space. This is the most important place to keep clean yet we spend very little time maintaining it; so much so that I went on an epic rant on the subject. We eat bad foods, don’t get enough sleep, and overindulge in coffee, alcohol, and other substances that don’t do us much good. I’m not throwing shade here–I’m as guilty as you are.

On top of that, the majority of us are infested. That’s right, there’s an infestation in our brains that causes us to doubt, to go down an unhealthy path, to not do what’s best for us. This infestation ebbs and flows, but it’s always with us. What infestation am I speaking of? Brain weasels, of course. The little bastards run around our head and make us second-guess ourselves, question our worth, and overall do less toward our goal because, well, what are the chances we’ll get there anyway?

We have to stop letting brain weasels have their way. We have to focus on improving ourselves and finding the success we deserve, because no one is going to hand it to us. No one can. Fact is, brain weasels encourage you to let life happen to you. They encourage you to slow down, to not put the effort forth. They contribute to executive dysfunction (though they are not, strictly speaking, the cause), getting off task, apathy, lethargy, and in more extreme cases, depression. To make matters worse, brain weasels don’t really exist, in the classical sense. They aren’t a creature that we can medically remove, they can’t be tamed or reasoned with. You can’t play the flute like the pied piper and drive them out. They are the sum of all of our excuses, doubts, and alibis for why we don’t do something.

So the time is now. Now you must go into your head, and every time one of these little bastards comes to the forefront, force yourself to execute the task you were aiming at. Word of warning: it’s going to be uncomfortable. It’s supposed to be uncomfortable! Comfort is your brain’s way of telling you that you are not putting forth enough effort, or that you have found a place to stagnate in that you believe provides “enough”. It doesn’t matter in what discipline either: hobby, job, game, relationship, life. The problem is, entropy is a thing that exists; the instant you become comfortable and allow yourself to stagnate, that’s when things will begin to decay.

So now it’s up to you to take that next step, and get your shit together! Organize your life, start using a schedule, make ten extra calls today, stock five extra boxes, ramp up your enthusiasm, even or especially if you have to fake it! That’s the only way you are going to produce success, and it’s the first step to you having the life you really deserve.

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