The New Colonist

Your first few days living on Calypso, or really any planet in Entropia Universe, can be both rewarding and overwhelming!  The platform has limitless potential, and often has thousands of players running around, hunting, mining, crafting, and talking to each other using one of the various chat options that MindArk has provided us to use.  In order to keep it all straight, and not get in over your head too quickly, keep the following things in mind:

1) Use the Starting Missions to your Advantage

There is a mission chain provided to you right when you get out of the starting zone, that takes you around a large part of the area to the East of Port Atlantis, and eventually takes you to the great harbor itself!  Not only do you familiarize yourself with the area, which is important for when you start to hunt and mine, but it also gives you the opportunity to gain skills and figure out the controls. Mission rewards, often in the form of ammo, is a bonus that provides you with the seed to start really developing your avatar!

2) When You Get to Camp Icarus, Talk to Alex Bukin

Alex Bukin has a mission chain for one of the best in-game starter weapons you can get: Bukin’s Spare Rifle.  Although slightly less powerful than the Onyxo you can buy at the Trade Terminal, it is Unlimited, and thus can be repaired and reused a limitless number of times!  Additionally, its ammo burn is lower and durability is slightly better than the Onyxo, making for more efficient hunting, especially if you amp it with a B101 that drops off of a lot of low-level mobs!  There is also a mission chain you can complete later to “Adjust” the rifle, so that it’s as powerful as the Onyxo.

In addition to the rifle you get as mission reward, you also get all of the skills you build in the process of doing them; those skills are critical to becoming a better player and more powerful avatar!

3) Don’t be Afraid to Ask for Help

Unlike most MMOs where the majority of players would rather watch you struggle, the population of EU is generally more mature and helpful.  This could be because of the real-money nature of the game; or it could just be because the dedication to the grind tends to weed out trolls.  In any case, if you’re lost, need help finding something, or even just need a ride somewhere, it’s often just a matter of asking in Rookie Chat.  Many of the players that spend their time chatting in Rookie are more than happy to provide advice, instructions, or get you out of a jam!

No matter what brought you to Entropia Universe, I want to welcome you to what is one of the most fun and rewarding games on the market today, and hope to run into you on Calypso!

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