When Life Overwhelms You

So this past weekend I was contemplating, amongst the immense amount of company we had at the house, how to best organize the site and what I was planning to do with it. Between the channel, and the site, I have given myself quite the additional load to keep up with. Not a complaint mind you; I have enjoyed this adventure so far, and believe that I will continue to in the future. There is the issue of trying to keep everything organized, however, and that is something I still could use some work on.

So a few things to expect in the coming months on the site, as I increase my digital footprint and expand my “fief” in an effort to provide you, my readers and viewers, the best content I can:

First, I plan to organize pages in the site so that you can find my short stories, books, and other literary contributions easily; I will evolve the various menus as I go so that it works efficiently for the site and for both you and I. I plan to move my Entropia short stories out of the blog and into their own part of the website, so that they don’t mix in and you can easily find them if you decide to read them again. I’m hoping to have that done this week.

Second, I intend to start embedding my various YouTube series into pages here on the site as well; to start, I’ll be embedding each new Entropia Universe video as I post them, and adding an older EU video to the archive as I go. It may not seem like I’ve done a lot so far, and to be fair I haven’t when compared to more prolific YouTubers and Twitch Streamers, but everyone starts somewhere, and it still 74 videos as of today, just for Entropia Universe. That counts a few I have published to YouTube but still waiting for release.

Third, I have begun work on what I’m going to view as a production draft of my second book, Hunting the Jackal, which I also co-wrote with Rachel Morningvale. It was the only other completed manuscripts we wrote together, and it needs to be polished and finished. After that, if I decide to continue writing in the Dead World universe, they will strictly be my works.

Finally, a pledge: to always do my very best to provide the best content possible.

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